What it's Like Being Young & Married So Far

So it’s almost been about 3 months married and I can honestly say that these last few months have been the best 3 months of my life so far. Being married young is awesome! Being married in general is a beautiful thing.  You should be so connected to that person that you can’t imagine life without them and you know without a shadow of a doubt that God created that person just for you and that they were created to be your spouse. When God created Khalid God was thinking about me and when God created me He was thinking about Khalid and how absolute we’d fit together.

There is not a day that goes by that Khalid doesn't make me laugh.  He is there always encouraging me and helping me to become all that I can be. He is always pushing me to God and he is patient with me. I don’t believe our marriage would be so peaceful if it hadn't been for us both giving our lives to God before we got married. Read our Courting story here if you haven’t already.

In our courting stage we decided to stop doing anything that was physical and we focused on getting to know each other as Spirit to Spirit, which is what we truly are. We are Spirits having a human experience in earthly bodies. If we are only attracted to someone because of their outer shell then it won’t work because you won’t know how to effectively communicate with that person and minister to who they really are by speaking life into their spirit.

I still get butterflies just holding his hand because I know how patiently I have waited to do so. Kissing him makes me warm with joy all over. I enjoy just lying in the bed being cuddled up with him, I love talking with him and him understanding me sometimes without me even having to say anything, when I might be feeling a little down he knows just what to say to lift my spirit again and when I am away from him it feels like a part of me is missing, I can’t stand it. I honestly believe without him I wouldn't be what I am today. Without any questioning I know God created us to be together. We have endless fun I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.

Here are a few questions I have received since being married.

Q: Is it any different being married?
A: Yes! It’s extremely different. For one there are no restrictions and we now get to be intimate with one another how God intended it to be within a marriage between a husband and a wife. Not only that, but I feel like we are extremely intertwined with one another. Now I understand what the Word means when it says two flesh become one. I truly feel like I am one with my husband because spiritually we are connected now because we made a covenant with God. I came from Khalid’s rib and no one else’s.
Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Q: Have you had any big arguments yet?
A: As I said in my blog post Our Not So Ordinary Courting Story we don’t yell or argue, we talk things out if we don’t agree with something. I will admit there have been times when my flesh wanted to be prideful and stubborn, but those are the times when I have to seek God’s voice the most. He will tell me to listen to Khalid and apologize when I was in the wrong. Other than that my husband knows me and he knows how to handle me and keep me in check, and I can say the same about me for him too.

Q: How’s married life?
A: Lol, this is a no brainier question and I suppose we will get this question asked often in the beginning; hence the title of the post, but married life is awesome and I am so happy that God has placed us together, I feel extremely blessed to experience such a beautiful thing.

Other than that those are some common questions we get. If you have any other questions yourself feel free to ask. Of course with anything you have to put in work. I would say the best advice that I have for married couples is to communicate. It’s good to listen to your spouse and be genuinely concerned and interested with what they want to talk to you about, or if they are having something that they want your input about. Also you have to be on the same page to make it work. I wouldn't advise anyone to be unequally yoked. Be with a person who loves God the same as you do, if not even more so they will encourage you to go higher in God.

If your foundation is set on God it will be strong and unbreakable. Include God and God will bless it. You CAN do this!

                                                     Love and happiness, 



  1. Beautiful story! You two look great together!

    God bless!

    1. Aww thanks and I can't wait to see wedding pictures! Congrats again on your upcoming wedding. :)

      Shaniqua Snowden*

  2. I am praying for many blessings for your marriage. I am sure you reach and teach many couples in the name of Jesus!



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