What I've Been up To

Hi Everyone!

First off let me start by saying happy new years! Lol, I know I am totally late and that I have been showing my blog anything but attention. I am going to get back on track this year. I have still been pretty busy with school, full time work and ministry. I have learned so many things in this past month as I continue to grow in my relationship with God and my husband.

I am over a teen girls group ministry at my church where I am able to mentor young girls, which is challenging yet rewarding. Sometimes just trying to break the barrier of a teen can be difficult, but once you invest time in them and show them that you care, the relationship developed is a very precious thing.

Well just giving a small update, but I will be posting some topics God has been laying on my heart, plus I will share a personal testimony of my coming to Christ story so stay tuned. God bless everyone!

God's Grace is Limitless,

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