Why Waiting Until Marriage Should be the Norm

Recently I came across an article about a Christian artist who I listen to quite frequently on the JoyFM radio station. Colton Dixon, an alum from American Idol, gave his testimony about how he and his wife remained abstinent up until their wedding day and how they are both very glad that they did. He gives his testimony to People magazine here.

It didn't take too long after him sharing his story for the negative comments to come flowing in on various message boards. We live in a highly sexual driven society, who also doesn't care one bit about God's standards or morals. It got me to thinking how sad it is that in today's society people actually think it's crazy or bizarre for a person to decide to stay a virgin until they get married. Not only is it backed up by God's Word,  but there are so many benefits in general of keeping yourself pure until the special day you get to say "I do" to your other half. I believe it's the best gift you can give to your spouse, by letting them know you waited just for them, for them to have one of the most intimate parts of you and for them only.
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