Taking Leaps of Faith

Lately I have been taking really big leaps of faith and believing God to do what He says He is going to do through my life.

In life there are many choices one must make and many of them permanent so it’s important to look at the consequences and longevity of our actions.  At the same time we must learn how to trust God and not over think things. Sometimes God can be telling us to go a certain route, but we are too busy looking at all of the negatives and “what if’s” then we second guess if it was God who really told us to do that in the first place. The enemy likes to replace God’s voice and direction with fear and worry. The main reason why fear cannot operate with faith is because it holds us back from the doing the will that God has placed over our lives. Fear can literally paralyze a person from living the life God called them to live because they become too busy questioning if they can really succeed. Learn to trust in God. Yes you can succeed! Yes you can do it! Through Christ all things are possible; it just takes making that first move.

Faith without works is dead. James 2:17.

Trusting in God means relying on His direction and knowing that He has your best interest and it means going with His ways. I encourage you to trust Him. You might not know or understand how you will be able to achieve your dreams, but God is faithful, He already has it planned out and He will order your steps if you just follow Him. Our source comes from Him. He will give you the tools necessary to fulfill your desires. Take that leap of faith. Be motivated and know that you can achieve all things through Christ. Don’t just chase after you dreams grab a hold of them and achieve them. You CAN this!

Love and happiness, 


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