Watch your mouth!

Many of us have probably at some point of time or another in our lives have mastered the art of complaining. In this own area of my life I'm still asking God daily to let my words be turned into praises versus complaining. It can be easy to see the bad and overlook the vital lessons we can learn at different stages of our lives. While spending time with God the other day I was reminded that our words hold power and can really set the mood for our entire day.

Our words can also be used as warfare against the enemy when we go into prayer and decree the promises of God over our lives. If we speak by faith and believe all that God has promised us concerning giving us an abundant life we should start seeing the positive changes in our everyday lives.

There are a few important topics we have to keep in mind when it comes to watching the words that come out of our mouth as believers.


Top 3 Reasons Why I Write

Today marks National Day on Writing, so in honor of today I decided to write a post on #WhyIwrite

As most of you may know I’m the author of “leaving Jade”, but for those of you who don’t know I will shamelessly put in an advertisement for you to order it here at this link! You will not only enjoy it, but I’m positive that it will inspire you in some way. And plus it’s on sale on Kindle so it’s a win-win situation!

OK…now that my advertisement plug is out of the way that brings me to the reason of me writing this post.

Since a young girl I’ve loved to write and it’s always intrigued me. I guess writing you could say also matches my personality. Being an introvert most of my thoughts are inside of my head, and when it comes time for me to release all of those thoughts, writing them down is my biggest preference of doing so. There are so many reasons why I love to write, but for this post I’m going to talk about my top three.

Reason #1
Escape from reality
Similar to how I feel when I read a book, when I get into the mode of writing it’s like everything else around me disappears. I become so immersed with the world I’m creating through words that it can be a bit of a mini vacation from all of the commotion that could be going on. It’s a great time for me to take my mind off of whatever obligations or duties that could be stressors in my life at the moment.

Reason #2
The stories you can create
For me, as a writer the stories I create becomes an extraordinary journey as I navigate through it all to convey a message. When it comes to writing the stories you can create are endless. When I read the stories of other author’s I’m so bemused that they could even come up with some of their unique ideas. The twist and turns keeps you turning through the pages and you sincerely feel like the characters you are reading about are real. I love that each story I write is another opportunity for me to become better and better in my gifting.

Reason #3
Using writing for positivity
If it wasn’t for God and writing I don’t think I would’ve made it through my middle and high school years. Writing can definitely be used as a positive outlet for emotions, feelings and thoughts. Not only is it positive for the writer but writing can also be positive for the reader. Writing can inspire others, convey messages and be used to change the world. There are so many positive attributes of writing.

So that wraps up my top 3 reasons for why I love writing. Although I love writing it comes with its challenges as well, which is finding the time to do it. I'm prayerful that one day writing can actually become my full time job, with faith and works I'm hopeful it will be that way.

Be on the look out for more projects coming soon!

Love and happiness, 



Dancing through the Storm

In life there's always going to be sunshine, but along with the sunshine there may come a little rain. Such is true with our journey and walk with God. Sometimes things can seem like they are going so perfect, that we finally have a hang of this walk with God, but then suddenly a storm comes and then we have to figure out how to get through it.

This year has not been the easiest for me, in fact it's been the year that I've been learning the most about God, myself and life. Sometimes learning experiences aren't fun, but they do produce results that can have everlasting benefits for your entire life. So through the storm remember to learn what it is that God wants you to take away from it. Storms look rough when you're going through them, but at the end of the storm is a beautiful sunny day.

With anything in life growth comes with growing pains. It's important through storms to stick close to God more than ever because He's our navigation through it. Get around people who will hold you accountable through the storm and won't throw you a pity party. Pity parties are the worst and are only an aid to continue in misery and play the blame game, I know because I was recently going through one of them. Instead of doing the blame game learn ways that you can make your situation better. Know in your storm that this is not the end game, your storm is preparing you for something greater, but first you have to get pruned and refined.

It's important to don't give up and know that storms don't last always, we all have our different seasons in life. The Bible tells us that there are many seasons in an individuals life.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: - Ecclesiastes 3:1

Sometimes it's up to us with how long we'll last in the storm,or how long it will take us to learn the lesson God places us through the storm for. Some storms we can bring on upon our self. Whatever the reason it's important to seek God even more so He can strengthen us to overcome.

With these previous storms in my life, I've learned to be content with where I am in life at the moment, although it's not where I WANT to be, it's where God has me for right now. Being thankful for each breath God blesses me with has given me a better perspective on things. It's always important to be thankful to our Creator. He knows us more than we know our self, and He does all things for a reason. Trust that He loves His children and He's leading us to still waters. Even if we may make a mistake while going through the storm, He's a faithful God and He'll stick with us if we continue to lean on Him.

Keep the faith, the main thing the enemy wants us to do in a storm is to doubt God. But we have to keep our eyes on Jesus unless we'll sink like Peter did.

Life's Storms can produce the most beautiful results if we learn to grow from them.

                                                     Love and happiness, 


Celebrating my love's bday last weekend!


Life After College

So this past August, about two months ago, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my bachelor's degree! It feels like it's been such a long time coming, when the  moment finally came to walk across that stage I was in somewhat of  a disbelief. After almost giving up, praying to God to see me through, long hours of studying, and what seemed like endless semesters of counting down credits, I'm finally done. I was too excited that day, feeling like I could conquer anything, but then of course when a few weeks passed and you're wondering how you going to pay back all of those student loans the real world kicks in.

I've finished what?

Yeah I can always continue my education and go for my Master's, but I really want to be sure that's the next step for me to take. In this season of my life I'm learning I need to seek the voice of God more than ever. Me being first generation, I'm proud of the fact that I finished my Bachelor's, but at the same time I don't want it all going to waste.

I'm going to get real honest in my upcoming blogs and talk more about some of my college experience, my regrets and what I have learned.

Love this woman, my mom, one of my best supporters in life.
For the mean time I'm really happy to be done with school, and I'm focusing on what it is that I really want to do in life. Of course my passion for writing isn't going anywhere, and I do plan on kicking that into full gear. But now that I'm finished with school my main focus is finding a full time JOB!

I'm happy to share my journey with those who are maybe in a similar situation. Don't give up, something good is in your future. Success doesn't always come easy, just like I learned that it takes time and dedication to get a degree it's the same for my other pursuits.

At times I'll admit I began to doubt my ability to become that best selling author or business owner that I dream to be, but with God and hard work it's going to happen!

Life after college has been a real eye opener for me. I'm excited for my journey and through the up's and down's I know that God is right beside me, even though it may not always feel like it. If we seek God first, He's sure to light the way.

♥ Shaniqua
Woo hoo! So happy to be done!
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