Keeping Yourselves from Idol Worship

First I want to get into what idols or idolatry is. Idolatry is a form of worship and excessive devotion to a person or a thing. Whatever you put more time into than you do with God becomes your God because you are pursing it more than you are pursuing Him. God comes first and He is a jealous God. He wants you to love His ways and hate all forms of wickedness Psalm 97:10.

Back in the old testament idol worship was where they bowed down to chucks of wood, gold or carved images even though some religions still do that today, the more modern form of idol worship is where people actually worship other people for their gifts. They become so infatuated or attracted to the person’s gift that they don’t care if the person disrespects God’s Word as long as they claim to believe in God, it's OK right? Wrong...

Lately God has been placing in my heart His disappointment for the way the church is placing things or people before Him and how they find great entertainment and joy in watching sin and filth. We should be more careful of the things we let enter into our Spirits because whether we know it or not it has a great effect to our Spirit and over our life.

Matthew 6:22-23 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

Our eyes are a window to our soul. Whatever we are feeding our eyes becomes a direct filter to our soul, and if we think it’s actually good to watch we become greatly deceived and the addiction becomes even harder to break. Therefore we should not be looking at garbage. One compromise leads to another, and when we write a sinful show off as "simply entertainment" we deceive ourselves. Why waste your time on reality shows(or any other show) looking at someone else’s life when you have a purpose for your own life to do for God. Time is precious and that one hour that you used looking at the fake drama on TV could’ve been used working on your purpose, or building the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Those shows, movies, and even what you read plants seeds. If what you’re reading or watching involves things that are not glorifying to God put it away. It won’t be too long before you’re compromising God's morals or even envisioning yourself in their shoes and wanting what they have. Then it will keep a firm grip on you to want to watch it more and more, therefore seeking it before seeking the kingdom of God. Just look at the delirious fans who flock to these people concerts and will pour their eyes out in tears. They become devoted to that person or thing, and will set aside one hour or more out of every week to watch their favorite show or catch up on their favorite "celebrity", but do they even do that much for God? 

Do you find more pleasure in watching those reality shows, football and basketball games, or reading those “romance” novels (more like soft porn novels) then you do spending time in God’s Word? Whatever you find more joy in then you do spending time with God becomes your idol.

America is all about the worship of others and about self-pleasure. Instead of following the culture, follow Jesus. It has become so in your face that shows like American Idol will place it right in their title what the point of their show is all about. It’s to create an idol that people will flock to, to buy their music and albums. God wants your total alliance to be with Him and Him only. It's just sad how I see these little girls and boys obsessed with people who are not even good role models.

It even comes down to the music we listen to. If the musician is not glorifying God and pretty much goes against everything Christ stands for and spits on His word by disregarding it, why would you want to support them by listening to their music? We have to be loyal to the one we decide to serve. It doesn't matter if the artist profess Christ are they living Christ like?

The devil will throw anything at you to try to make your relationship with God become a second factor and to make you compromise, because he knows if he can do that then it gives him full authority to have his way in your life. Because if you are not putting God first then you are putting Him last and something else is influencing you more.

And Jesus knew this that’s why he got so upset when the devil told him to bow down and worship him.
Jesus said to him, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'" Matthew 4:10

Worship also means a complete admiration or adoration to a person or thing. We have to stop looking at people’s “gifts” and start discerning their spirit and are they producing holy fruit or are they shaking their rumps and displaying their cleavage for the world to see? That is not of God and we shouldn't be promoting ungodliness.

So whatever you do, ask yourself is it bringing glory to God, if not put it away because in everything we must put God first. As warned in 1 John 5:21 Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. You can do this!

Love and happiness, 



  1. Good question - are they living Christ like? - that goes for artists that we listen to, actors that we watch, and friends, co-workers, and relatives that we allow to speak into our lives.
    I appreciate your choosing this to be your topic. Seek first the Kingdom of God.. God bless you Shaniqua!

    1. Thanks Maleeka and I agree it even goes for relatives we allow to speak into our lives, friends and co-workers etc. God bless you too!


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