Can you really heal a cavity naturally?

So I went to the dentist last week after a long overdue checkup. I am embarrassed to even tell you how long I went without seeing one, lol. I initially went to go see about getting some Invisalign's,  but came out more than what I bargained for. The dentist inspected my mouth and upon her inspection told me I had four cavities that she could see with her natural eye, but there might be more once we do an X-Ray. To say the least I was pretty disappointed to hear about that news. I do brush my teeth regularly and try to keep them healthy as best as possible. So I left scheduling an appointment for the next time to get an X ray done and to fill those cavities. The Invisalign's unfortunately had to wait.

I was going to settle for spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fill the cavities in, but then I started doing some research. I had ran across an article before about healing cavities naturally, but I didn't pay much mind to it until finding out I had some of my own. So I am going to do a challenge to see if I can cure these bad boys naturally. I am going to give it two months and see how it goes. For right now I am cancelling that dentist appointment for next week and will keep you all updated.

I sincerely believe that God provided everything on the earth we need to naturally heal our bodies and to prevent diseases if we take care of ourselves. I am all for home remedies and I don't take any medication, only vitamins and probiotics. Not saying I'm against medicine but I think that the natural way is the best way to go if you can opt for it.

The first thing I will be doing to heal these cavities naturally (in Jesus name) is by oil pulling. Oil pulling is when instead of brushing your teeth first thing in the morning with regular toothpaste you swish your mouth for 20 minutes with coconut oil.

This all sounds crazy to me too, but it's worth a try. They say also taking a teaspoon of cod liver fish oil and butter oil is another way you can heal tooth decay. I am waiting on the cod fish oil and butter oil to come through the mail. So for right now I am going to start doing the oil pulling tomorrow morning. I am praying for great results. It sounded crazy to me when I first heard about it, but I believe it's worth trying.


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