Never Give Up!

You know that thing you've been praying for, or that situation you may have been asking God to intervene in and it doesn't seem like nothing is happening or getting any better. Do you ever feel like quitting? Well join the team! There's always going to be a situation where we will get tested in life, and we may not feel like we can get through it, but don't give up! There is a blessing around the corner, and there is hope when we turn to Jesus, even when we may not feel like it. He is always there to pick us back up and remind us of who we are in Him and that we are capable to see it through.

Somethings in life we go through to learn valuable lessons and also it's an opportunity for us to praise God through the bad, if we only love God through the good, then what does that say about our relationship with Him? We have to be patient in the waiting, and show God we love Him through the good and through the bad. Don't give up and keep pressing, and remember to pray and resist the enemy, this too shall pass.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Love and happiness, 


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