And the fun continues! Five important things I've learned from 2 years of marriage so far.

So my husband and I  recently celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on November 30th!To be honest it feels like we have been married for much longer, it's just so super being married to him. On being married for 2 years with the love of my life I've recapped just 5 of the most vital things I've learned so far that helps to maintain a happy marriage.

      1. Prayer
Since being married I have noticed I pray a lot more than when I was single. This is true because not only do I need to constantly pray for the Lord to guide me, but I need to pray for my husband as well. There is no greater thing a wife can do for her husband than to constantly be praying for him. I pray for my husband when he’s at work, when he’s on the road and I also pray for my husband in general as he leads our household. Also if I’m feeling aggravated with my husband concerning an issue I go to God about it and ask Him to help me relieve me of my negative emotions. It’s nothing worse than acting out on your emotions in the heat of the moment. It will create an argument that can 100% be avoided if we go to God about it first instead of reacting immediately. Through prayer I've learned when to be quiet during disagreements and leave it in God’s hands to sort it out. This way my husband and I have learned how not to argue and instead talk things out with respect towards one another.

      2. Selflessness
When you decide to marry a person you are now agreeing to become one with them physically and spiritually. This means that their problems becomes yours and you can’t think of yourself first anymore. It’s really a beautiful thing when you can put someone before yourself. It’s similar to how Jesus tells us to lay down our lives for God. When you become selfless it’s much easier to become that spouse you need to be for your other half.

      3. Patience
Some of the things your spouse does may aggravate you, for example leaving their dirty socks laying around or snoring at night. But in all these things it’s important to be patient and not lash out on them about it. Learning patience has kept me from getting easily angered at my husband. Instead it makes me reflect on myself and how I can make the situation better and not worse.

      4. Romance
I've always been a romantic ever since I could remember. I knew when I got married I wanted a husband who did romantic things. My husband is a pretty practical guy, but lately he’s been doing these really sweet things for me J! Doing romantic things for one another keeps the spark alive and it adds to the tenderness in the marriage. Don’t forget to treat each other like the time when you were first pursing each other. Romance is not only for the husbands to do, but I also do romantic things for my husband as well, which shows him how special I still feel to be his wife!

      5.  Love
Last, but certainly not the least is that I've learned to love another more than I ever thought that I could. My love for my husband is beyond words. There's a oneness I feel with him that is truly beautiful. As I continue to love him and go through this journey of life with him I become a better person. God definitely gets the glory, because without God we wouldn't know what true love was. If you love your spouse you’re going to do anything in your will power to keep the marriage happy and flourishing. I love my husband so much and I’m excited for the many more years to come of being married to him!

God's Grace is Limitless,


  1. I love your words of wisdom and inspiration to couples and married folk.

    Love you,
    Your husband

  2. Amen. Happy anniversary. God bless and keep your union and thank you for these pillars.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing! What a blessing!


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