One thing I have been recently learning is to not remain at the same level, whether it be in spiritual growth or as a wife. Too many times we can become complacent and just settle, but if we continue to do that then how will we produce fruit? An apple tree doesn't just grow to a certain point, no it grows until it fully matures to produce ripe, bright, and juicy apples. If something is not growing then it's dying. We must set aside time to spend with God daily. Just like a relationship with your spouse, friend, family member or etc. there must be constant communication for your relationship to prosper and grow and for you to know the person more and more. God wants us to have a relationship with Him. He wants to hear our voice and talk with us, laugh with us and expand His kingdom on the earth through Us. Really God is such an awesome and loving God. He wants to talk to His children.

Within my marriage, I must continually communicate with my husband and not through yelling at him, but through really respecting him and understanding where he comes from. That's how relationships grow. I have learned so much more about my husband then the time that we were courting for three years. It's true that being married is so much more different than courting, and may I add it's much better too! I am currently reading a book called A Wife after God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. It's such a great read to gain more knowledge to keep your marriage established on God and having a peaceful and  happy marriage. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Remember to grow, never remain complacent, that's exactly what the enemy wants. Allow God to mold you to the person He wants you to become.


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