Setting the Example

I have been MIA for a while. Life has been busier and I am learning how to balance it all. As I mentioned in another post my husband and I are now youth director’s for my church. We pretty much started from the ground up creating a system that would work most effectively for the youth ministry. It’s had its late nights of planning and challenges but I can honestly say I can already see a great change taking place. The youth needs God more than ever in this generation.

They are facing things that some of us might not have had to face growing up. There are so many things now considered “right” when the Bible clearly states it as being wrong. So much peer pressure, bullying and compromising going on. More than ever they must learn how to defend their faith and follow God even if the crowd is going the opposite way.

Sadly in this time there are few Christian role models for them to go to. As believers we have to know that blood can be on our hands and that’s why it’s so important to conduct ourselves Christ like in all areas of life at all times. And it’s possible with God’s grace. If the only thing the younger generation sees is double minded Christians then they will in turn produce the same mindset. It’s time to take our young generation back for God and win souls. God has passionately lain the youth on my heart. They after all are our next generation. Let’s set those Godly examples and be the driving force to bring God’s people back to loving righteousness and holiness above all else. You CAN do this!

God’s Grace is Limitless,

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