Walk by Faith

So lately I have been dreading going to work. No surprise there, if you read my recent post about God Cultivating Me, you'd see why. I am not a morning person and having to get up to a place I don't want to be is just miserable, but what I have learned through the process is to be grateful where I'm at. To praise God for the little blessings because the big one's will come.

Despite that I have been feeling a tug at my heart to just walk by faith. What I mean by this is, I am seriously thinking about quitting my day job soon. Why be stuck at a place where you lack the passion? To be honest I am only there for the pay. There are so many other passions and talents God gave me, why not use them for His glory? 

I tried to play it safe and wait until I make another stream of income from other arenas, at least enough to pay the bills right? But I feel more and more led to put in my two weeks notice and just trust God to be my provider. Abraham walked by faith and left everything he knew because He trusted God. God never fails to provide for His children. 

I am at an exciting, yet busy stage of my life. It's challenging yet rewarding. My husband and I have recently  been placed as Youth Directors at our church. The youth is our passion. God already told me this before it was going to happen where He was taking us and calling us to do. I desire to see young people set on fire for God and stop following the pressures of the world. Right now I actually teach middle and high at Sunday School. I love being able to impart knowledge and wisdom into them. 

So I would love to do more with ministry, but right now my job is taking the majority of my time. So I am deciding to walk by faith. Of course first I will listen to the voice of the Lord because faith comes by hearing. And God always directs. When you trust God He will always work it out. You Can do this!

God's Grace is Limitless,

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